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Updated policy paper: The Federal Stimulus Package and Passage of the SCHIP Reauthorization Bill: How Much Health Care Help Can CT Expect?
Significant funding is coming to CT due to federal generosity including $1.3 billion in added Medicaid funds, $3.7 million for community health centers, and matching funds to cover legal immigrants under Medicaid/HUSKY. The bill also provides important COBRA relief for recently laid off workers and big incentives to providers for electronic medical records. Read the paper and study up for the March web quiz (below).

March CT health policy webquiz
Test your knowledge of the federal stimulus package and SCHP reauthorization bill and the impact on CT. Take the March CT health policy quiz.

New Book Club item
Rock, Paper, Scissors: Game Theory in Everyday Life By Len Fischer, 2008
Game theory has a lot to teach us about working out seemingly impossible roadblocks to negotiating solutions. Policymakers and advocates who are often “stuck” in the weeds of health care systems and reform will find the author ten concrete tools very helpful. The author is a wonk who can write; good enough reason alone to give this book a try.