Good and bad news in CT hospital fair share spending

By Ellen Andrews | June 13, 2024

US non-profit hospitals receive federal, state, and local tax breaks totaling tens of billions of dollars. Taxpayers must pay more…

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CT Mirror Viewpoint: Husky MCOs would harm access to mental health care

By Ellen Andrews | June 13, 2024

A new CT Mirror Viewpoint from a HUSKY mental health provider describes why the Governor’s idea to bring managed care…

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Medicaid MCOs and cost savings – What the evidence says

By Ellen Andrews | May 14, 2024

Go to the full report Governor Lamont is reportedly considering a plan to have private insurance managed care plans (MCOs)…

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US News: CT is 3rd best in US for healthcare

By Ellen Andrews | May 7, 2024

Based on surveys of state residents on their priorities for state government and health data, Connecticut is third best among…

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Book Club – Super Forecasting: The Art and Science of Predicting

By Ellen Andrews | April 25, 2024

The title makes a big promise, but this book delivers. The book starts with examples through history of “experts” who…

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Book Club: Recoding America – Why Government is Failing in the Digital Age and How We Can Do Better

By Ellen Andrews | March 12, 2024

If you’ve ever muttered under your breath about the inefficiency/waste/frustration/etc of government at all levels, you have to read Recoding…

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Bristol Health Cares explores advocacy in CT healthcare

By Ellen Andrews | February 25, 2024

A recent episode of Bristol Health Cares features a conversation with Kurt Barwis, President and CEO of Bristol Health and…

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Analysis: Governor’s healthcare budget is a mixed bag

By Ellen Andrews | February 13, 2024

In his new budget proposal, Gov. Ned Lamont and his administration have continued their commitment to making healthcare in Connecticut…

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Webinar: Improved prescribing through education and reporting

By Ellen Andrews | February 2, 2024

Connecticut providers and payers are struggling to find ways to address prescription costs and the quality of prescribing. Hear how…

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