Connecticut Health Advocacy Toolbox


Were the last words you said, "That's just not right. There ought to be a law"?

Good. That's how it starts.

You could be right, there probably should be a law. But maybe there is a law, and it isn't being enforced. Or maybe there is a law creating a program, but no money in the budget to make it happen. Or . . . .

There are many motivated, potential health care advocates who feel confused about how to really make a difference and where to start. Many feel disaffected and helpless to change policies that aren’t working for people. Some mistakenly believe that it takes a lot of money or time to be effective. Too many believe that systems are extremely complex and only professionals can have an impact.

The truth is that average citizens with minimal time commitments, can be very effective and it doesn’t have to cost anything. Policymakers are very moved by real stories from real people. All that is needed are motivation, persistence, and the right tools.

This Toolbox was built to give you the skills you need to change policy and improve lives. The Toolbox starts where people generally begin – with a problem that they feel needs addressing. The Decision Tree helps decide which tool will be most effective to get the change you need.

For busy people --  If You Only Have 5 Minutes.

For what advocacy is, and what it isn’t -- Advocacy Explained.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

For deciding which tool works for you -- follow The Decision Tree.

For Who We Are and Why We Did This.

It is our hope that the Toolbox provides a realistic framework of information and resources for interested consumers to make your voices heard with the strength that comes from knowledge – drawing back the curtain on what can appear to be a closed process.

Please give us feedback on how we can improve the Toolbox using the form at the bottom of the page. For updates on health advocacy in Connecticut, sign up for our newsletter below. We do not collect information on who visits this site, signs up newsletters, and we will never share your information.

Updated  July 22, 2024

The Health Advocacy Toolbox is a project of the Connecticut Health Policy Project, with generous support from the Connecticut Health Foundation.