In the Press - 2024

Jul 9   Analysis: Newest Hartford Healthcare lawsuit adds a critical twist, CT News Junkie

Jun 20  Analysis: Why most other states use Medicaid MCOs and why CT doesn’t, CTNJ

Apr 16 Analysis: The Governor Could Be Making a Big Mistake, CT News Junkie

Mar 8  Analysis: What To Do About Private Equity In Healthcare?, CT News Junkie

Feb 13 Analysis: Governor’s Healthcare Budget Is A Mixed Bag, CT News Junkie

Jan 25 Analysis: Making it work: Connecting Medical And Social Care In Waterbury, CT News Junkie

Jan. 8   Analysis: Overheard in CT healthcare reform, CT News Junkie

Jan. 25 Analysis: Making it work: Connecting medical and social care in Waterbury, CT News Junkie

In the Press - 2023

Dec 1   Analysis: Healthcare defies the softening labor market, CT News Junkie

Oct 26  Op-Ed: The Charts That Scare Health Insurance Watchdogs, CT News Junkie

Sept 29 Analysis: Private Equity’s CT Hospital Mess Comes As No Surprise, CT News Junkie

Aug 15  Analysis: Bristol Hospital VP says Unfair Practices are Adding to a Nurse Shortage for Independent Hospitals, CT News Junkie

July 25  Analysis | Connecticut State Employee Health Plan Tied For Richest In US, CT News Junkie

July 17  Readers and Tweeters See Ways to Shore Up Primary Care, KFF Health News

July 7    Analysis: Limiting the Metrics We Use to Track Healthcare Quality is Cheating, CT News Junkie

July 4    CT Needs to Address Health, Cancer Care Inequities, CT by the Numbers

June 9   CT Lawmakers Pass Bill To Reduce Health Care Fees, Drug Costs, CT Examiner

June 8   Analysis: Connecticut is doing something about healthcare costs, finally, CT News Junkie

May 31  Op-Ed: This is why CT can’t lower healthcare costs, CT News Junkie

May 10  Health records for CT residents could be shared in an online database. But should it?, CT Insider

Apr 29  Analysis: How Brain Shortcuts Undermine Policymaking, CT News Junkie

Apr 14  Artificial Intelligence Can Be The Solution When It Isn’t The Problem, CT News Junkie

Mar 22  Analysis: Are Connecticut Hospitals Losing Money? It Depends, CT News Junkie

Feb 21  Lamont administration takes aim at hospital and drug costs, CT Mirror

Feb 17  Op-Ed: HUSKY coverage for immigrants is the right, and the smart, thing to do, CT News Junkie

Feb 9    OP-ED: Things To Like In The Governor’s Budget Proposal, CT News Junkie

Feb 7    A Work in Progress, Connecticut’s Health Information Exchange Offers Little Transparency, Few Guarantees on Patient Privacy, CT Examiner

Jan 25  Analysis: Life Saving Innovation at Alarming Prices, CT News Junkie

Jan 13  Connecticut Bucks the Medicaid Managed Care Trend, Managed Healthcare Executive

In the Press - 2022

Dec 15  Analysis | Good News On Health Care Costs, But It Won’t Last, CT News Junkie

Dec 6    Health insurance affordability review is good, but it’s no silver bullet, CT News Junkie

Oct 20   Analysis: Yale-New Haven layoffs but also buying 3 hospitals, and why it matters, CT News Junkie

Oct 6     Analysis: New study finds 1 in 5 households has medical debt that averages $21,687, CT News Junkie

Sept 14  Connecticut hospitals racked up nearly $1.48 billion in profit in 2021, CT Insider

Sept 13  OP-ED | Governor’s Healthcare Record Misses Opportunities, CT News Junkie

Aug 31   OP-ED | Be Careful in Making Changes When the Glass is Half Full, CT News Junkie

Aug 11   Analysis: Another CT healthcare story of wasted money and missed opportunities, CT News Junkie

July 28    Analysis | Connecticut Is 23rd In Public Health Funding, CT News Junkie

July 22      Op-Ed: Insurers’ explanations for extreme rate increases don’t make sense, CT News Junkie

July 14      Op-Ed: We need better, smarter solutions, CT News Junkie

June 10   Op-Ed: Advice from an advocate to the next OHS Director, CT News Junkie

May 17    Coalition of Health Insurers Questions Viability of Connecticut Partnership Plan, CT News Junkie

May 6      New CT law aims to cap rising healthcare prices, Register Citizen

May 5      Op-Ed: Policymakers did little to lower healthcare costs this session, CT News Junkie

Apr 21     Push for Primary Care Raises Alarm Among Mental Health and Disability Advocates, CT Examiner

Apr 7       ANALYSIS | Fact Check Shows That Raising Primary Care Spending Doesn’t Lower Total Healthcare Costs, CT News Junkie

Mar 16     Lawmakers weigh ‘anti-competitive’ practices in health care, CT Mirror

Mar 16     Connecticut Consumers Sue Major Hospital System Over Monopoly Power, Consumers for Quality Care

Mar 8      Op-Ed | Children Deserve Healthcare, Regardless of Immigration Status, CT News Junkie

Mar 4       Lamont’s health care bills draw criticism from advocates, CT Mirror

Mar 1       Connecticut Officials Tackle Drug Pricing, NBC 30 CT

Feb 23     Op-ed: Class action against Hartford Healthcare changes the landscape, CT News Junkie

Feb 16     Hartford HealthCare Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Cost, Quality Service Concerns, NBC 30 CT

Feb 15     Patients are coming after hospital monopolies, Axios

Feb 14     Op-Ed - Governor’s plan to lower healthcare costs – What’s in and what’s missing, CT News Junkie

Feb 11     OP-ED | How Much Do CT Hospitals Spend On Administration? No One Knows, CT News Junkie

Jan 13     OP-ED | Connecticut’s Healthcare Market Regulation is Broken, CT News Junkie

Jan 9       Organizations Address Health Equity Issues to Receive $1.2 Million in Grants from Connecticut Health Foundation, CT By The Numbers

In the Press - 2021

Nov 18     OP-ED | The Brainard Fund Still Making a Difference After 64 Years, CT News Junkie

Nov 4       OP-ED | It’s a Miracle – Under New Agreement, Medicare Will Negotiate Drug Prices, CT News Junkie

Oct 20      Op-ed: Patient-centered or doctor-centered? Primary care planning is off track, CT News Junkie

Sept 29     OP-ED | Legislators Hear How RI Saved 2 Hospitals from Private Equity, Other Solutions to High Insurance Premiums, CT News Junkie

Sept 15     Covered Connecticut is a good start, but needs tending, CT News Junkie

Aug 13       OP-ED | Congress Wants to Lower Drug Prices to Fund Important Priorities, CT News Junkie

July 27      OP-ED | Insulin – Once a Gift, Now Serving Greed, CT News Junkie

July 9        ANALYSIS | Connecticut Needs to Focus on Real Health Reform, CT News Junkie

June 17     OP-ED | Controversial New Alzheimer’s Drug Could Break the Bank, CT News Junkie

June 3       As Public Option Dies, No Clear Direction on Healthcare Costs, CT Examiner

May 19      ANALYSIS | CT’s Health Information Exchange Is Up And Running With 2 Big Problems, CT News Junkie

May 18      Beekeeping Project Wins “Unsung Heroes” Award, New Haven Independent

May 12       Editorial: We now have doubts about this latest state plan, New Haven Register and Hearst Connecticut Media

May 4         As Health Information Exchange Launches, Patient Advocates Warn of ‘Subscriptions’ to Private Data, CT Examiner

May 3         After delays, CT launches its long-anticipated health information exchange, CT Mirror

Apr 27        OP-ED | When Data Becomes An Excuse To Prevent Change, CT News Junkie

Apr 20        Lobbyist uses seniors and people with disabilities to protect drug company profits, CT Mirror

Apr 15        OP-ED | Remember Public Health’s Value After COVID Is Gone, CT News Junkie

Mar 25        OP-ED | Drug Innovation Argument Cuts Both Ways, CT News Junkie

Mar 2          OP-ED | Making the Public Option Better, CT News Junkie

Feb 22         OP-ED | Real Conversation Would Beget Lower Health Care Costs, CT News Junkie

Feb 17         ANALYSIS | If The COVID Vaccine Is Free For Patients, Who Is Paying For It?, CT News Junkie

Feb 4           Medical Practices Become Another Pandemic Casualty, C-HIT

Jan 29         OP-ED | State Should Set Uniform, Public Standards For Rationing Health Care, CT News Junkie

Jan 6           Connecticut Health Policy Project Director Weighs in on Needed Reforms, CT Examiner