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Thank policymakers for working to lower insurance premiums by making our health system more competitive

Health insurance premiums in Connecticut are high and rising, crowding out other priorities for families, businesses, and government.

Large and growing health systems stifle competition, raising prices, and limit consumer choice.

This year, legislators and the Governor passed an important bill to prohibit anti-competitive contract clauses that use health systems’ monopoly power to jack up prices. The bill also includes important transparency provisions so consumers can see how insurers decide which providers to promote in their networks.

Call your legislator and the Governor to thank them for their action to control healthcare costs. Click here to find their contact information.

Tell state not to sell/monetize our private medical records

After many tries, Connecticut is getting a state-sponsored Health Information Exchange (HIE) called Connie.  If you haven’t heard about Connecticut’s HIE, you aren’t alone. An obscure planning group run by the Office of Health Strategy (OHS) has been working on it for years with very little public notice. Your providers are all required under state law to put your medical records into their system. This includes all medications, diagnoses, family planning, sexually transmitted disease history, mental health, substance abuse treatment, and your doctor’s notes about you. If you’ve survived cancer or another high-cost health problem, it will be in the system. If you’re at risk of other high-cost health problems, even if you are monitoring and taking care of yourself, it will be in there.

When the original seed money runs out, the state intends to sell your data to those insurers and ACOs so they can see all your medical records, wherever you get your care. HIE officials dismiss concerns that insurers and ACOs will use the data to deny people healthcare or dump expensive patients, but that has happened in other states.

To opt-out of Connie and keep your medical records private, click here

What is HUSKY’s PCMH Plus program?

What is PCMH Plus?

Are you in it?

Would you know?

What does it mean for you and your family?

What are the risks?

Do I have to be in the program? What are my rights?

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