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Webinar offers tools to improve prescribing

By Ellen Andrews | February 19, 2024

Download the slides and watch the webinar recording Connecticut, like other states, are struggling to improve appropriate prescribing while lowering…

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Analysis: Governor’s healthcare budget is a mixed bag

By Ellen Andrews | February 13, 2024

In his new budget proposal, Gov. Ned Lamont and his administration have continued their commitment to making healthcare in Connecticut…

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Webinar: Improved prescribing through education and reporting

By Ellen Andrews | February 2, 2024

Connecticut providers and payers are struggling to find ways to address prescription costs and the quality of prescribing. Hear how…

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Making it work: Connecting medical and social care in Waterbury

By Ellen Andrews | January 25, 2024

As healthcare costs skyrocket, policymakers are searching for ways to improve the social drivers of poor health with little success.…

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CT Medicaid Primary Care Redesign: What the Evidence Says Part 4: Better, Safer Options

By Ellen Andrews | November 21, 2023

Download the full report with sources Connecticut Medicaid is considering reforms to primary care delivery and payment. The CT Health…

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Analysis: Medicare is Negotiating Drug Prices — Why it Matters

By Ellen Andrews | November 15, 2023

This is historic. Pharma has been fighting Medicare drug price negotiation for decades because it’s the start of reining in…

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Book Club: Healthy Voices, Unhealthy Silence: Advocacy and Health Policy for the Poor

By Ellen Andrews | November 13, 2023

It was difficult to read Healthy Voices, Unhealthy Silence by Colleen Grogan and Michael Gusmano; thankfully it is short. It…

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ICER seeking nominations for New England evidence review council

By Ellen Andrews | November 9, 2023

The Institute for Economic and Clinical Review (ICER) is seeking nominations for new members to the New England Comparative Effectiveness…

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Book Club: We’ve Got You Covered

By Ellen Andrews | November 1, 2023

I wasn’t looking forward to reading yet another book promoting yet another idea to solve America’s broken healthcare system. But…

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