Advocacy toolbox addition – leading task forces

By Ellen Andrews | July 7, 2010

The CT Health Policy Project’s Advocate’s Toolbox has been updated with hints on chairing a legislative task force or committee.…

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Collaboration works – housing conference

By Ellen Andrews | March 24, 2010

This morning was the third in a series of conferences on housing in CT, but with a twist. The organizers…

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Council of State Governments/Eastern Region state/provincial updates

By Ellen Andrews | March 12, 2010

The latest health policy update from CSG/ERC the Northeastern US states and Canadian provinces is online. The CT Health Policy…

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What if news was run like health care?

By Ellen Andrews | February 22, 2010

Building on the idea of running an airline the way we run the US health care system, yesterday’s NY Times…

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I found my blog – finally

By Ellen Andrews | January 21, 2010

Most days I have no trouble figuring out what to write about here, but today I searched and searched. Believe…

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Another reason to be an advocate – you’ll be happier

By Ellen Andrews | November 3, 2009

A researcher has found that people who are politically active are happier than disengaged citizens who can’t name the Vice-President.…

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Last day of policy training classes

By Ellen Andrews | October 29, 2009

Yesterday was our last day of classroom federal health policy training. Our “classroom” has been the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Barbara…

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More health policy training in DC

By Ellen Andrews | October 28, 2009

Yesterday we heard about polling, federal budgeting, the role of the judiciary in health policy and a capstone panel with…

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DC health policy training

By Ellen Andrews | October 27, 2009

This week I am learning about how health policy gets made at the federal level, thanks to funding from the…

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