January 2018 – Connecticut drops to a C this year for health reform

Connecticut health care thought leaders lowered our state to a C grade for health reform this year, matching the lowest grades in five years. No thoughtleader rated our state an A this year. Connecticut’s grade for effort also dropped in this survey, down to C+. Health policy areas that lost the most ground included Medicaid,…

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February 2017 – Connecticut hangs onto a C+ this year for health reform Mistrust is serious and pervasive

Connecticut health care thought leaders again gave our state a C+ grade for health reform last month, but our GPA dropped from 2.4 to 2.2. Connecticut’s grade for effort didn’t change from last year still at a B-/C+ (GPA 2.5) in this survey. Connecticut continues to earn higher marks for Medicaid and the health insurance…

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First 2018 CT Health Reform Dashboard reflects lack of progress and growing concerns


The state’s announcement that Medicaid intends to double down on PCMH+ — the experimental, risky new payment model – starting in March without any idea of how it harmed (or helped) over 100,000 people last year is the top concern moving into 2018. It’s also emblematic of how CT makes health policy – flying blind,…

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