Webinar on new HIE for Connecticut

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For years, Connecticut providers and payers have been begging for a functional Health Information Exchange (HIE). An HIE allows providers delivering care to each patient to share information, notes, careplans and lab results. A functional HIE should help coordinate care, lower costs, avoid duplication and overtreatment, and make everyone’s lives easier. Despite numerous attempts, many years, and millions of tax dollars, the state has never been able to make it happen. To fill the need, the CT State Medical Society has just taken the initiative and created one, CT Health Link, funding it themselves. This Friday, Feb. 16th at 10am the Complex Care Committee of MAPOC will hear about the project in a webinar. To join us, see the info below.

Join WebEx meeting 
Meeting number: 594 768 457
Join by phone 
Call-in toll-free number: 1-(866) 578-5693 (US) 
Conference Code: 785 357 2699