Update: Policy options to support competition and control healthcare prices

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Healthcare service prices are the main driver of Connecticut’s rising health insurance premiums. The consolidation of hospitals and providers into large health systems has stifled competition, allowing prices to rise unchecked. Other states have taken action to protect competition in consolidated markets and it’s working. Connecticut needs to act.

Last session a bill to prohibit anti-competitive contract clauses passed the Senate but died on the House calendar. The public hearing included providers, advocates, insurers, a broker, state agencies, CT’s Healthcare Advocate, and consumers testified in favor of the bill before the Insurance Committee. Two lawsuits have been filed against Hartford Healthcare for anti-competitive conduct, which drives up healthcare costs across the state. A legislative forum included experts on the impact of consolidation and other concerns.

An updated brief outlines options for Connecticut policymakers to control healthcare prices by improving competition in our state. An updated Resource List includes links to a legislative forum with experts outlining the concerns, research, and legislative language for policymakers.