CT smoking costs total $4.9 million over a lifetime

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A new analysis by Nerd Wallet finds that smokers in Connecticut cost an extra $4.9 million over a lifetime or $102,883 per year on average, the 4th highest rate in the US. Only smokers in New York, the District of Columbia, and Maryland have higher costs. Costs include not only out-of-pocket costs for cigarettes, but also the medical costs of smoking, lost earnings (absenteeism, workplace bias and lower productivity), higher homeowner insurance premiums, costs of second-hand smoking, and the investment returns smokers would have earned on that money over their lifetimes if they didn’t smoke. Connecticut’s costs were driven by the highest smoking-related medical costs in the nation. We are 5th in the nation on both out-of-pocket smoking costs and investment losses, and 7th in income losses for smokers.

Imagine what you could do with an extra $4.9 million?

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