CT Medicaid only state to earn A+ for access to HepC drugs

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A new report finds that CT’s Medicaid program leads the US in access to new Hepatitis C medications. Hepatitis C affects 3.5 million Americans and causes more deaths than any other infectious disease. CT Medicaid imposes no liver damage, sobriety or prescriber restrictions to HepC drug access that are common in other states.  The report was authored by the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable, which discloses funding by HepC drug manufacturers, and the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation at the Harvard Law School. New HepC treatments are very effective, but costly especially for public programs. However they can be cost effective in the long term. Only CT earned an A+ while five states earned F grades. Nearby states varied with MA earning an A, NY with a B-, NJ with a C-, and RI got a D+. The report credits legal action by New Haven Legal Assistance and patient group advocacy with CT’s enlightened policies.