Committee develops care plan best practices recommendations for Medicaid

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The Complex Care Committee of CT’s Medicaid Council has made recommendations to DSS for

careplans in the Medicaid program. The importance of effective care plans has arisen often throughout the committee’s work diving deep into barriers to care for Medicaid members with complex health needs. Effective care plans ensure that people are driving decisions about their own care, that everyone is on the same page, and can be an important tool in evaluating care and holding stakeholders (including patients) accountable. The committee spent months searching for best practices within Connecticut and beyond. The recommendations include ensuring the person is the center of care planning, that the plan is clear, complete, actionable and measurable, that the plan is helpful not burdensome, for providers, privacy is protected, and anticipates future needs. The Committee will be following up with DSS to see how the recommendations can be used to improve care for people with complex conditions.