Why is healthcare like this?

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Healthcare is complicated. It often doesn’t make sense – to consumers, patients, students, policymakers, providers, administrators, and everyone else. The lack of understanding has discouraged people from engaging and slowed progress toward real reform. We’ve heard from people across the continuum that there is no place to find balanced, comprehensive answers that is understandable and free.

To help with the confusion, the CT Health Policy Project is building a comprehensive resource explaining Connecticut’s baffling health policy landscape. The policy toolbox will answer the most common questions you’re asking.

But we need your help. Please take a few minutes to share your questions, ideas, concerns, and help us name the new toolbox. You can also sign up to stay involved and give us feedback on drafts as we build the resource.

Funded through the generosity of the CT Health Foundation, the new resource will be a companion to our CT Health Advocacy Toolbox. And as for the advocacy toolbox, the new resource will be updated regularly to stay current. We’ll have explainers and resources at all levels – from The Basics, to Deeper Dives, to Advanced Placement/More than you wanted to know.

We’re meeting with groups around CT to gather input. If you’d like to learn more and have a say, Medicare 4 All CT has invited us to their next meeting Tuesday, April 12th at 7pm to discuss the project. Anyone can join. Register here.

Please answer a few questions and help us clear the confusion about healthcare