Webinar: engaging patients to lower costs and improve care

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As states implement health delivery reform, many are intrigued by the promise of shared decision making. Not only is shared decision making central to patient engagement but it is also a paradigm shift in informed consent. Washington, Vermont and Maine have taken the direct step of promoting shared decision making through legislation and pilots. Several states are integrating shared decision making through standards for Medical Home or Accountable Care Organizations. Others argue that states should capitalize on their roles as purchasers and regulators to incorporate shared decision making as part of clinical practice. CMS sees shared decision making as important to achieving better care and health delivery reform. Learn more about how your state can play an active role. Join the CSG/ERC Health Policy Committee Webinar ” The Promise of Shared Decision Making” February 7 at 1:00 PM EST with Ben Moulton of the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making.