WalletHub – CT third worst state for doctors

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According to WalletHub’s latest rankings, Connecticut ranks 49th among states and DC for physician practice. Nationally, physician is the highest paying job but new doctors leave medical school with $194,000 in student debt on average. As we all may be relying on physicians and other healthcare providers during this crisis, remember that March 30th is National Doctors’ Day.

In good news for Connecticut doctors, our state ranks 3rd best in having a less punitive medical board, but in bad news, we are 49th in high malpractice awards. (Patient advocates may disagree in what is good vs. bad on these metrics.)

The rankings assess 19 metrics from 15 sources covering opportunity & competition and medical environment. Metrics include average wages (adjusted for cost of living), insured population, number of CME credits required, hospital safety (number of “A” hospitals), physician burnout, and Physician Assistants per capita.