Very encouraging Medicaid PCMH update

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Far exceeding expectations, 34% of Medicaid members are now being cared for in person-centered medical homes according to DSS and CHNCT’s presentations at today’s meeting of the Medicaid Council’s Care Management PCMH Committee. There are almost 1000 primary care providers (between approved, accreditation eligible, and glide path status) receiving higher Medicaid payment rates to compensate for coordinating care, extended practice hours, and assisting consumers with managing and improving their own health. Five new practices joined the program just since the last meeting two months ago. The department also reported on new quality PCMH payments made to three practices that out-performed their peers on nine pediatric and/or adult medicine measures. Total quality payments ranged from $464 to $68,036 per practice. Advocates, providers and policymakers universally congratulated DSS and CHN for their hard work and exceptional success in implementing the PCMH program.
At the meeting DSS and CHNCT also reported on their new Rewards to Quit program – providing cash incentives to Medicaid consumers to quit smoking. The program, funded by a federal grant, will test the effectiveness of both cash incentives and peer coaching in encouraging consumers to quit. Participants can receive up to $600 in a year under the program for attending counseling sessions and for negative CO breathalyzer tests.  All Medicaid recipients are now eligible for smoking cessation services and products; the study will test if there is added effectiveness with peer counseling and cash incentives.