Updated Advocacy Toolbox: How to make a difference, where to start, and how to get there

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Healthcare policymaking in CT can be complex and frustrating. But you’re not alone and there is help. With generous support from the Connecticut Health Foundation, we’ve updated our Health Advocacy Toolbox.

The comprehensive site covers legislative, administrative, and state budget advocacy, how to change public opinion, finding and working in coalitions, effective communications, and how to use research to craft a proposal that solves your problem.

It also includes experience from Tips No Advocate Should Forget, Tools and Templates, Finding and Using Data, Recommended Reading, Common Advocacy Mistakes, and answers to questions submitted by people considering advocacy.

Visitors can use the Decision Tree to navigate directly to the Tools they need to get started and skip the rest.

Wander around in the Toolbox at www.cthealthadvocacy.org and let us know what you think at the bottom of the pages.