Unique hospital ranking includes community and value of care with traditional quality metrics

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The Lown Institute now ranks hospitals on 53 metrics that impact both individuals and communities. Typical hospital rankings consider only care for individual patients, not how hospitals serve their communities. Backus does best among 26 Connecticut hospitals at 84th of 3,282 US hospitals; Greenwich ranks lowest in the state and 2,635th in the nation.

There is a lot of variation on measures between Connecticut hospitals. Norwalk and St. Francis are the only hospitals to earn an A+ on Patient Outcomes. That grade includes clinical outcome, patient safety and patient satisfaction metrics. No hospital received an A+ on either Value of Care or Civic Leadership. Day Kimball received an A on Value of Care which measures avoiding overuse of inappropriate tests and procedures with little or no clinical benefit. Backus and St. Mary’s both received an A on Civic Leadership which includes pay equity, community benefits, and inclusivity – whether patients served are similar demographically to the surrounding community.

Five Connecticut hospitals received an A+, but two only earned a D+ grade. Massachusetts and Rhode Island both out-performed Connecticut hospitals with 25 of 55 hospitals and one of nine, respectively, receiving A+ marks. New York didn’t do as well with only nine hospitals of 142 earning an A+.

It’s worth drilling down under the numbers for your local hospital – whether or not you are a patient there.