Two job openings

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The health policy sector of the economy is doing its part to reduce unemployment. The Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition is seeking a Director of Public Policy and eHealthConnecticut is seeking a CEO.

The new CEO of eHealthCT will lead the nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable, secure, private health information exchange in our state. eHealthCT is looking for a senior health care executive with an entrepreneurial approach. For more information, click here.

BCAC’s new Director of Public Policy will help the community coalition develop effective advocacy campaigns in areas such as early childhood, K-12 education, after-school programs, economic self-sufficiency and health care. Applicants should have experience in community organizing, policy and legislative advocacy, and coalition building. For more information, email information at

The jobs are important, but so is the context. While the organizations seem very different, they have common goals. Connecticut needs to find more ways to bridge the gaps between policy cultures.
Ellen Andrews