Two in three CT physicians had an electronic health record in 2014; well below US average

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In 2014, only 67.5% of CT office-based physicians had a certified electronic health record (EHR) system according to a new CDC brief.Nationally 74.1% of office-based physicians had certified EHRs in 2014, up from 67.5% the year before. Only five other states had lower EHR participation levels. On the bright side, CT physicians who did have an HER were slightly more likely to share patient information with external providers or unaffiliated hospitals (33.7% CT vs. 32.5% US). Nationally only about one in ten physicians with an EHR shared patient information with home health, long term care or behavioral health providers. Electronic health records are key to improving patient care decisions and safety, consumer engagement and participation, care coordination, evaluation, research and better health planning.