State Scorecard finds CT does fairly well, but poorly in Avoidable Hospital Use and Cost

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The latest Commonwealth Fund State Scorecard finds CT’s performance across our health system ninth among states, unchanged from last year. While good, we can do much better given our rankings in personal income, education and overall high health status. We are 32nd among states in Avoidable Hospital Use and Costs, down by three from last year’s rankings – things that payers and policymakers can do something about. Specific indicators CT we rank worst on include central line-associated infections, diabetic adults without a hemoglobin test and hospital patients who did not receive patient-centered care. Measures where we lost the most ground include hospital admissions for home health patients, deaths from suicide, alcohol and drug use (like the rest of the US), and potentially avoidable ED visits for seniors. This should be a wake up call for policymakers.