RFP open for state health planning grant

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At today’s Health Care Cabinet, we heard about the RFP for health care planning made possible by passage of SB-811 this year. Section 17 of the law directs the Cabinet to compare mechanisms to improve health care value in Connecticut looking to other states and assessing what would work best here. The plan for the grant is thoughtful, focuses on engaging all stakeholders to collect the best ideas, and improving communications across CT’s health care landscape. The plan holds great promise to address the shortfalls of past and current reform efforts. Advocates sent a letter in July supporting the project and offering our help.

We also heard from SIM about a CMS-led summit meeting and strong federal pressure toward narrowly defined, strong payment models. It was pointed out that evidence of effectiveness to date for these new payment models is very sparse and mixed. While CT should learn from federal and other states’ experience, we have to chart a course that makes sense for our state. Our Medicaid program has reversed our history of poor performance and is now saving money, improving quality, increasing access to care, and improving consumer experience of care. No one wants to jeopardize that progress. SIM leaders disagreed saying that CT can chart its own course, but that course will align with federal directives.