Reflections – Jaymie Potteiger

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While working at the Connecticut Health Policy Project, I have been fortunate to see how difficult it can be to get a good thing noticed. The Connecticut free clinics are some of the most amazing organizations that I knew absolutely nothing about before beginning this job. These organizations pick up the slack where the system I am learning about in my classes seems to fall short, yet, their recognition seems to be so limited. Through this job, I have learned the need for constant networking and relationships. It is not just enough to do your job and do it well. The system runs on politics and who you know, and that is how organizations expand and continue to gain ground. While free clinics are creating opportunities for citizens in need to receive healthcare, free clinics are somewhat unnoticed in the political game. Hopefully, that will all change soon. This job has opened my eyes to see the constant need to improve social and networking skills to increase visibility to the important organizations and groups that give Connecticut residents resources and aid in their time of need. This has also taught me how to attempt to organize large groups with the same goal, and how to create suggestions to improve their networking within the system. These are skills that are invaluable in today’s world.
Jaymie Potteiger
CTHPP Summer Intern