Private employer costs higher in New England, but health costs are less of the total

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 According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, New England employers paid the highest total compensation per worker in December 2015 averaging $38.14/hour, well above the US average of $31.70. Health insurance and other benefit costs were also high in New England but not as a percent of total compensation. At $2.93/hour health insurance was the most costly benefit for New England employers, compared to $2.40/hour nationally. However health insurance comprised 7.7% of total compensation in New England. In comparison, health insurance comprised 8.5% of total compensation in West South Central states (AR, LA, OK and TX), 8.3% in West North Central states (IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, SD and ND) and 8.2% in East South Central states (AL, KY, MS and TN). Life and disability benefits cost New England employers 19 cents/hour compared to 15 cents/hour nationally.