New OLR report finds PCCM succeeds, saves money in other states

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A new report by the legislative Office of Legislative Research outlines enrollment, savings and impact on hospital visits in states that have implemented Primary Care Case Management (PCCM). PCCM is a different way of running Medicaid managed care plans (HUSKY in CT) used in thirty states. PCCM does not involve HMOs, but rather rests on the medical home model. Consumers choose a primary care provider to deliver and coordinate their care. Researchers found that PCCM enrollment is growing in all but one state. They also found that, if implemented thoughtfully, PCCM can generate significant savings for states. A study found that the cost of PA’s PCCM program was almost half the cost of the HMO program operating in the same counties. Impact on hospital care has been mixed. Researchers offer that successful states target assistance to people with health risks such as asthma, diabetes and congestive heart failure. Implementation of CT’s PCCM program has struggled; DSS in the current administration has not been supportive of the program.
Ellen Andrews