New comparison finds 2014 CT insurance premiums are higher than most states

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A study by Health Pocket averaging unsubsidized insurance premiums both on and off the exchange found that for 23 year olds, CT’s average premiums this year were the 11th highest among states, 12% higher than the US average. For 30 year olds, CT also ranks 11th highest with premiums 13% higher than the US average, and 8th highest for 63 year olds at 16% higher than the US average. Between 2013 and 2014 monthly premiums, averaged on and off exchanges rose for both men and women and all ages studied, but increases were not the same. American men age 30 experienced 78.2% average increases, but premiums for American men age 63 rose only 22.7% on average. The ACA limited the difference in premiums charged by age effective this year. The difference in premiums between CT residents age 23 and age 63 changed from 300% in 2013 to 195% this year. Federal subsidies, available only to insurance purchased in the exchange, limit monthly insurance premiums for people with qualifying incomes.