Most CT uninsured qualify for ACA coverage

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Almost two in three uninsured CT residents qualifies for either Medicaid or tax credits through Access Health CT, according to a new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation. While the uninsured rate dropped by half after implementation of the Affordable Care Act, 217,000 CT residents remained uninsured in 2016. Of those 63,000 (29%) were eligible for Medicaid coverage and 74,000 (34%) could have received subsidies to purchase insurance through Access Health CT, our state exchange. Unfortunately 80,000 (37%) were not eligible for either program due to income, citizenship or an offer of employer coverage. Thankfully no CT residents fall into the Medicaid coverage gap that affects 8% of uninsured Americans. While coverage in Access Health CT is still too expensive for many uninsured state residents, Medicaid-eligible residents do not face that barrier. Enhanced outreach activities could get more state residents into care, reduce providers’ uncompensated care and pressure on the safety net.