Medicaid Council update

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Last Friday’s Medicaid Council meeting focused on ACA primary care rate increases for 2,277 CT providers including MDs practicing pediatrics, internal medicine, family medicine and some specialties and APRNs for preventive care services. Effective January 1stbut implemented July 1st, the ACA increased these rates to Medicare levels, with 100% federal funding through 2014. On average, rates are almost doubling,;for example rates for code 99203 – new patient visit will rise from $66.40 to $123.53. The rate increases are significant, impressive and universally welcomed by Council members. However hesitations about fully realizing the impact in increased CT provider Medicaid participation were raised concerning the delay in implementing the increase, and lingering administrative challenges. CT ranks fourth lowest among states in physicians taking new Medicaid patients. Council members urged the state to track increases in provider participation before and after the rate increases.