May CT Health Reform Dashboard – Medicaid U turn, federal relief premature

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CT’s May Health Reform Dashboard is unsettled again. Mistrust remains at the core of problems in CT. Medicaid policy development and implementation have taken a very disappointing turn away from collaboration, transparency, and data for reasons that don’t make any sense (there are a few theories). Just a few of the persistent problems in PCMH+, Medicaid’s current risky experiment with payment reform, include ineffective consumer notices, blocking access to meetings, no evidence of a system to even detect underservice, and the plan to move ahead pushing another 200,000 people into the experiment January 1st before there is any meaningful information (much less a proper evaluation) of what happened to the first 137,000 people. If there’s a problem, we won’t know for at least six months after it’s too late. No one is listening to cooler heads. We just keep hearing that they are watching things and we have to trust them. (see mistrust brief) Conflicts of interest are getting worse as is the state budget outlook.