MAPOC committee beginning work on shared savings program redesign

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The MAPOC committee that is working with DSS to redesign Medicaid under the SIM directives met Wednesday to begin the process of designing a shared savings plan. The plan will be called theMedicaid Quality Improvement and Shared Savings Program (MQISSP). In good news, DSS was able to secure from SIM a delay of six months in the ridiculous timeframe. In bad news, six months is nowhere near long enough to build a new program and ensure consumers are protected, but it is better than the original plan. In very good news, we understand that the process will be driven by MAPOC, not SIM, and DSS will make all final decisions. SIM representatives are at the table, but DSS and legislators have emphasized that they value PCMH committee members’ input. DSS is very open to working with stakeholders on the process and issues to be considered. The committee agreed to create workgroups for both efficiency in this exceptionally short timeframe and to expand the voices at the table ― which is always good news.  A plan for those is forming.

The first set of decisions will be around quality. The committee has done some preliminary work on this area and DSS was very open to input, incorporating some of the committees’ suggested metrics.