Lots of hospital quality news, CT not excelling

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In the last few days several sources have released hospital quality rankings and measures. The bottom line — CT’s hospitals have a lot of work to do.
CMS released their long-awaited five star system for hospital ratings, but no CT hospitals received five stars. In fact, only one earned four stars (Backus), 17 received three stars, 9 got two stars and one (Danbury) only received one star.
According to CMS and Kaiser Health News, Medicare has penalized 19 of CT’s 28 hospitals every year for high readmission rates since the program began five years ago. Interestingly, the highest penalty for readmissions in this round goes to Yale-New Haven, who has applied to acquire Lawrence and Memorial, with the lowest penalty.

US News also came out with their 2016 hospital ratingsand no CT hospitals made the Honor Roll.