Large majority of CT hospitals and health systems making money

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Last year, 23 of CT’s 28 hospitalsand half the 20 health systems made money last year. Collectively, CT’s 28 hospitals’ net margins (profits) totaled $877,878,858 last year. The biggest total winners were Dempsey/UConn at $286 million and Yale-New Haven netting $160 million. Waterbury Hospital lost the most money — $16.5 million or 7.6% of revenue. As a percent of revenue, Dempsey was also the biggest winner at 43.3% of revenue as profit/margin. Sharon Hospital lost the most as a percent of revenue (-35.5%), but most of that was non-operating revenue losses. CT’s 20 health systems collectively netted slightly more than hospitals at $910, 016,203. Biggest winners were Yale-New Haven (again) netting $150 million and Hartford at $207 million. Yale (12.5%) and Dempsey (11.2%) also led health systems in profits/margin as a percent of revenue. Waterbury again lost the most at $31 million total, and Sharon lost the most as a percent of revenue at -30.7% but again, that was mainly due to non-operating expenses. More financial data on CT hospitals and health systems is available here.