Improve health policymaking — Nominate a claim for fact checking

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Photo by Lukas from Pexels

In Connecticut state policymaking committee meetings, advocates routinely hear questionable claims stated as facts. Often very important caveats and context are left out. As non-members, we have no opportunity to question the claim or correct the misinformation. Too often policy is made based on these un-challenged claims.

For twenty years, the CT Health Policy Project has been providing policymakers with accurate and balanced information.

To better inform policymaking, please use this form to nominate any misleading or questionable healthcare-related claims you’ve heard in Connecticut public meetings or found in public documents. We will do our best to research them and post what we find publicly.   

If you need to send a document that was distributed publicly but is not online, please contact us at the bottom of the page at

Thank you for your hard work and advocacy to inform Connecticut policymaking