Healthcare access for CT residents with developmental disabilities Speaker Series

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About 45,000 Connecticut residents have a developmental disability. Compared to Americans without disabilities, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are five times more likely to be in poor health, half as likely to get a check-up, have lower rates of blood pressure checks, flu shots, oral health care, and screens for cancer, cholesterol, vision, or hearing.

To explore the problem and find solutions, the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities, UCEDD, and the CT Health Policy Project are sponsoring a Fall Speaker Series on Healthcare Challenges Facing People with Developmental Disabilities. The Series begins September 19th at 1pm with Dr. Tara Lugo, the lead author of ‘I Am Not The Doctor For You’: Physicians’ Attitudes About Caring For People With Disabilities in Health Affairs, and Emma Yasinski, the author of Doctors Are Failing Patients With Disabilities from the Atlantic Monthly.

Register here for the first webinar.

Subsequent panels will cover the Connecticut Context; Reports from Other States; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access; Promising practices in Connecticut; and a Policymaker Roundtable to discuss what Connecticut can do to ensure people with developmental disabilities get care. 

More on the project to improve healthcare access is on the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities webpage devoted to the project. More information and updates will be posted over time.