Health information privacy complaint filed against Hartford Hospital

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State employee unions have filed a complaint with HHS’ Office of Civil Rights about Hartford Hospital sending letters to union members and patients about tense rate negotiations with Anthem. The union contends that the hospital is trying to scare patients to create leverage in their negotiations with CT’s largest insurer. The state uses Anthem’s network to provide health care to most of the plan’s 200,000 employees, retirees and dependents. The complaint alledges that the hospital improperly used protected patient information to influence payment negotiations.

“Hartford Hospital is manipulating our members, many of whom are deeply worried about the future of their medical care,” said Jean Morningstar, president of University Health Professionals, Local 3837 in AFT Connecticut. “The hospital is simply trying to achieve a better financial outcome in their negotiations with Anthem. This is a shameful and dangerous tactic to engage simply for profit.”

Ellen Andrews