Health cuts in budget deal

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The new plan to balance the state’s budget was unveiled Friday. Proposed cuts touch most areas of state spending, including health and the safety net. The Governor’s office was clear that these cuts were not their first choice and they worked hard to avoid making them. Health care cuts include $7.7 million in Medicaid fees for durable medical equipment, physician and behavioral health services, $2.65 million from community health centers, $1.3 million from school-based health centers, $1.6 million from AIDS services, closes detox and rehab beds, an asset test for low-income adults in Medicaid, and cuts to dozens of safety net programs. The plan also closes two DSS offices, nine respite centers and four group homes. Thousands of laid off state employees will add to the number of unemployed in CT placing more pressure on families and health services in the state.
Ellen Andrews