Half of CT’s remaining uninsured eligible for subsidies or Medicaid

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A new analysis by Kaiser finds that 47% of CT’s remaining uninsured are eligible for subsidized coverage. The latest Census report found that CT’s uninsured rate dropped by 2.5% from 2013 to 2014., but 6.9% of state residents are still without coverage. While 87,000 more residents gained coverage in the first year of the ACA expansion, CT’s progress lagged behind the US average (2.8%) and especially behind the average for states like CT that expanded Medicaid (3.2%). The new Kaiser analysis drills deeper into those numbers finding that half of the remaining 247,000 uninsured CT residents are eligible for either Medicaid (69,000) or subsides to purchase coverage on the exchange (62,000). Unfortunately 116,000 uninsured state residents do not qualify for subsidized coverage either because of income, an employer offer or immigration status. We have a lot of room to improve, to take advantage of the opportunities under the ACA and get affordable coverage to every state resident.