Governor’s budget proposal out

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Governor Malloy’s first budget proposal, released today, includes tough choices for health care consumers but also some very good news. New copays for Medicaid services will likely reduce both appropriate and inappropriate utilization, but all Medicaid members will be able to access important tobacco cessation treatment. Reductions in benefits for low income adults are concerning but moving HUSKY families out of HMOs and into non-risk Administrative Services Organizations and creating PCCM/patient-centered medical homes for every Medicaid member is an important innovation that will save $41 million in FY 2012 (only effective for half the year) and $86 million in FY 2013. We expected consumers to share some of the sacrifice necessary to fill a $3.2 billion budget deficit, and they will. But a previous administration, with a much less deep budget hole, cut 20,000 HUSKY parents from coverage completely. Even in good times the day each year that the Governor releases his/her budget has never been a good day for consumer advocates, but today wasn’t as bad as I feared. For our analysis, click here.
Ellen Andrews