Governor offers third budget proposal — Still cuts another 8,700 working parents’ HUSKY coverage

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In the ongoing tense budget negotiations, yesterday the administration offered yet another budget proposal in response to the legislature’s latest version. However the Governor and legislature are still reportedly over $100 million apart. The new proposal retains the Governor’s plan to cut 8,700 more HUSKY parents from coverage. In a classic case of misdirection, that cut is labeled “Transition coverage to Health Insurance Exchange.” Only about a quarter of slightly higher income working parents cut off last year were able to afford coverage in the exchange and are likely uninsured now. Worse yet, another 17,688 working parents are scheduled to lose coverage this summer based on last year’s cuts.

In the new proposal the Governor restored some hospital cuts from his last version but expanded cuts to behavioral health services for children. Proposed cuts to children’s dental care, community health centers and the Medicaid ASO remain. The Governor does not include the legislature’s proposed $26 million in Medicaid savings. Advocates can help achieve that goal with smart savings. The legislative session is scheduled to end tomorrow.