FAQs on OHS’s Primary Care Roadmap

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Download the FAQs here

Connecticut’s Office of Health Strategy has developed a Primary Care Roadmap to support primary care in Connecticut. OHS is accepting public comment on the draft Roadmap until the close of business Friday, January 14th. To send comments, email Tina.Hyde@ct.gov and put “Primary Care Roadmap” in the subject line. You should get an email receipt that your comments were received. Comments submitted by the CT Health Policy Project are here.

Answering common questions from advocates and others, we’ve drafted a document to help understand the likely impact and concerns about the Roadmap. Questions include:

What is the problem the Roadmap seeks to solve?

Who developed the Roadmap?

Have other programs tried this?

How does the Roadmap plan fit with OHS’s Cost Cap?

What could go wrong?

Are some populations at greater risk?

How will OHS monitor for harm to patients or rising health costs? What will they do about it if they detect harms?

What is the Roadmap’s plan for funding?

What aren’t we funding if the Roadmap is implemented?

What is the Roadmap’s plan for quality?

How will the Roadmap impact health equity?

Are there better options to support primary care in Connecticut?

Didn’t COVID make capitation for primary care necessary?

Download the FAQs here