Exchange premiums up from this year, lots of variation

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Our analysis of the recently announced 2014 Access Health CT standard plan premiums finds that for five typical CT households covered by the two health insurers with premium history – Anthem and ConnectiCare – in all but one case, families will experience significant premium increases from this year.  Premiums will rise between 30 and 163%. The one premium decrease is $8.02/month for a family of three and that family could save even more by switching insurers. The examples were chosen by the exchange’s actuaries to model for their last Board meeting. Monthly premiums on the exchange will vary significantly – from $125.35 for a child living in Hartford County in a bronze ConnectiCare plan to $1,144.80 for a Fairfield County 64-year-old in a gold Anthem plan. The largest premium variation is by age, and to a lesser degree by generosity of plan (bronze, silver, gold). Variation between insurers and counties is much lower. However Fairfield County is the most expensive for each insurers’ plans. Unfortunately Fairfield County has the highest number and rate of uninsurance in the state.