Early numbers show CT uninsured rate dropped only 2.1% last year

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A new CDC survey of early uninsured numbers by state, finds that CT’s uninsured rate fell from 9.1% in 2013to 7.0% last year, the first year of coverage expansions under the Affordable Care Act. The US rate dropped to 11.5% from 14.4% in 2013. For some reason, CT’s drop was more consistent with states that did not expand Medicaid (2.1% average drop) rather than the 5.1% average drop in uninsured rate among expansion states like CT. The rate of public coverage in CT grew modestly from 33.3% to 35.9%, while private insurance coverage was essentially unchanged (64.0 % in 2013, 64.1% last year).  The uninsured rates measure the percent of people who report being uninsured at the time of the interview; the survey is conducted continuously over the year. The numbers were released prior to final data editing and weighting.