Dodd hears from public, policymakers on national health reform

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Friday 675 people attended a hearing held by Senator Chris Dodd in East Hartford to learn what CT residents need in President Obama’s health reform plan. Sen. Dodd has been tapped for a leadership role in development of the plan. The Senator heard about the struggle CT families face to hang onto their physical and financial health. Tom Daschle, new Secretary of Health and Human Services and the President’s main architect of health reform, will join Dodd at a future hearing in Connecticut.
Later Friday morning, Sen. Dodd and his staff met with a smaller group of legislative leaders, advocates, providers, labor and business representatives at the LOB. The Senator described current plans and the likely timetable for reforms and collected input on how those reforms might affect Connecticut. The harm that an individual mandate would cause was discussed at length. It was a lively and productive discussion that will continue.
Ellen Andrews