Disability advocates register serious concerns with SIM primary care capitation plan

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On Friday, thirty consumers and advocates for people with disabilities sent a letter to Vicki Veltri and Mark Schaefer, CT’s SIM officials, expressing their concerns with SIM’s proposal to capitate primary care for everyone in CT. The signers are concerned about the potential to deny needed care, especially for people with complex medical conditions. Capitation failed CT’s HUSKY program miserably in the 1990s and early 2000s, denying necessary care, alienating providers, and wasting millions of taxpayer dollars. Advocates are concerned that provider capitation holds even more risk to health and care.


Despite development over the last two years, SIM has only recently solicited endorsement from disability groups for their plan with hours of meetings and presentations. The signers join many independent advocates in a chorus of concerns about the proposal and inaccurate aspersions toward people who respectfully disagree. Advocates and consumers have engaged in the SIM process through every possible opportunity including several sign on letters, public and written comments, meetings with the two different sets of consultants hired to promote capitation, and meetings with state policymakers, Independent advocates on SIM committees have also voiced concerns to no avail. Despite robust engagement at every opportunity, independent consumers and advocates’ concerns have been ignored in this proposal’s long development.