CTNJ highlights concerns with Cabinet reform proposal

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“It’s not everyday that healthcare advocates and the Department of Social Services agree, but that’s what’s happening in a debate on how to save money and make sure residents, especially those on Medicaid, get the care they need”, according to today’s CT News Junkie. The article gives a very understandable description of the Health Care Cabinet’s Strawman proposal to shift everyone in CT into downside risk financial arrangements. “Under the model Bailit [consultants to the Cabinet] wants to explore, also known as downside risk, doctors will lose money if they don’t save enough money on their patients.” Advocates are concerned providers will leave Medicaid if downside risk is implemented, as happened under the similar capitated model in the 1990’s.  Matt Katz, CEO of the CT State Medical Society isn’t a fan, stating that downside risk is a “perverse incentive.” Many concerns have been shared with the Cabinet, including ours. The Cabinet meeting for next Wednesday the 28th  to discuss proposed alternatives to the Strawman has been cancelled. Details to follow.