CT third least obese state in US

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A new report by the Trust for America’s Health confirms CT’s status as relatively less obese compared to other states. However obesity is a growing problem everywhere, including CT. The authors note that the lowest state’s rate now (Colorado) is higher than the lowest state’s rate fifteen years ago. 21.8% of adults in our state are obese; fifteen years ago our rate was about half that (11.8%). 10.4% of CT high school students are obese. Hispanics in CT are 39% more likely to be obese than Whites and Blacks are 90% more likely. But even in our increase, we are better off than other states; we are among the three slowest growing states in obesity rates. Related to obesity, CT’s diabetes rate is 6.9%, our hypertension rate is 25.7% and both rates are growing. The report includes important policy options states can adopt to reduce obesity.
Ellen Andrews