CT one of only four states that require Medigap plans to cover members when they need it

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In all but four states, including CT, seniors on Medicare can be denied Medigap coverage at anytime according to a new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Federal law only requires a one-time, six-month Medigap plan open enrollment period that begins when beneficiaries originally sign up for Medicare. But states can go farther to protect beneficiaries, as CT does. CT requires open enrollment with guaranteed issue rights the year but as allowed under federal law, plans may impose a six-month waiting period for coverage of pre-existing conditions. CT also requires community rating of Medigap plans, so older and sicker beneficiaries are not charged more. One in four, or 154,390 CT Medicare beneficiaries carry Medigap insurance to cover deductibles and other cost sharing, protecting them from catastrophic expenses.  Medicare’s hospital deductible this year is $1,340, the deductible for other services is $340 in addition to 20% copayments, and there are daily copayments for extended hospital and nursing home stays.