CT News Junkie Op-Ed: SIM shouldn’t just chase a federal grant

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A new Op-Ed in CT News Junkie outlines consumer advocate concerns that SIM planners are putting their pursuit of a federal grant ahead of what’s best for CT. Contrary to the original plan, SIM leaders are now planning to move Medicaid back to an incentive scheme similar to the failed HUSKY HMOs. Since we moved away from that system two years ago, health outcomes are up, more providers are participating in Medicaid, and the cost of care per person is down. That hard won progress would be at risk in SIM’s new proposal. The plan also includes pursuing a Medicaid waiver that would cap federal reimbursements to the state, putting taxpayers at significant financial risk if health costs in our state increase or the economy doesn’t rebound. The sole motivation for this reversal is to get a $50 million federal SIM grant to benefit state agencies. Consumers don’t care if state agencies get more funding – we only care about making our health care system work better.