CT life expectancy rising, but risks vary

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A comprehensive, new analysis of public health outcomes, risks, and causes by state published in JAMA finds that life expectancy for CT residents rose from 77 years in 1990 to 80.8 year in 2016. Healthy life expectancy (maybe more important) also rose from 66.5 years to 69 years. States varied widely in the burden of disease. CT was significantly lower than the US average in all but three of twenty risks for disability, but we didn’t do as well when adjusted for sociodemographics. The highest risk factors in our state are, in order, high body mass index, tobacco use, alcohol and drug use, and dietary risks. The leading causes of disability in Connecticut in both 1990 and 2016 were heart disease and lung cancer. However diabetes rose from number 6 to number 3, while low back pain fell from number 3 to number 6. Interestingly, opioid use disorder dropped from number 5 to number 7. You can spend long hours in this article and even more in the extensive supplements.